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Pentax X70

Pentax has produced a flexible, easy-to-use digital SLR camera

Pentax X70

Image: Hugh Threlfall

September 05 2009
Jonathan Margolis

At the time of writing, Panasonic is running a massive TV ad campaign for its DMC-G1 mini-sized digital SLR camera, which I featured back in March. Unlike the Panasonic, this new Pentax doesn’t boast interchangeable lenses, but it is actually a smaller DSLR and also has an exceptional optical zoom – the 35mm camera equivalent of 26mm-624mm – which means that the lack of interchangeable lenses won’t be a problem.

The Pentax X70 is an ideal holiday camera, not much bigger than a compact, but being an SLR it offers much more control – plus the all-important electronic viewfinder, so you’re not left squinting into an LCD screen in bright sunshine. It doesn’t have the biggest brain, so it’s not quite as quick as more sophisticated cameras and won’t be very useful for action pictures. But it does offer a more flexible and interesting approach to leisure photography than the average digital. And it’s unusually nice to handle and use.

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