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Ricoh GR Digital III

A Ricoh camera that’s even more feature-packed than its predecessor

Ricoh GR Digital III

Image: Hugh Threlfall

November 02 2009
Jonathan Margolis

Ricoh’s little-known aptitude for morphing, Peter Parker-like, from purveyor of boring photocopiers to maker of quietly unique and highly sophisticated tiny cameras, appears to be undiminished.

A couple of years ago, I waxed lyrical about the Ricoh GR Digital II, a nondescript-looking slip of a thing which nonetheless included the features of many a professional DSLR. Now, unsurprisingly, comes the GR Digital III, which is substantially better and more feature-packed, although it shares its predecessor’s sub-fusc look.

The III has an f1.9 lens, which is more sensitive than that on many a large professional camera and means you can shoot at decent shutter speeds in really quite low light. Its electronics have also been enhanced considerably – not to be sniffed at, since they were pretty good to start with.

The drawback with the GR Digital III is the fixed focal-length lens (equivalent to a 28mm lens on an old-fashioned film camera). It is also a good idea to read the instructions; the camera works superbly on automatic settings, but does a thousand more interesting things if you delve deep.

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