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Lomo Panoramic 360° camera

A panoramic camera driven by a rubber band – is this a wind-up?

Lomo Panoramic 360° camera

February 18 2011
Jonathan Margolis

A slightly amateurish, Hoxton-esque look is absolutely of the moment in still photography. One of the trendiest – OK, gimmicky-est – ways to take photos currently is with an iPhone (natch) loaded with the Hipstamatic App, whose photos look as if they were taken with a variety of old, plastic-lens cameras such as the Kodak Instamatic.

The old Soviet Russian Lomo film camera, no longer Soviet or Russian, is so achingly modish that Lomography – the art of taking so-bad-they’re-good-again photos – is featured in the latest Cool Brands selection. Its newest offering is fun as well as capable of producing remarkable photos. Run by a rubber-band-driven wind-up mechanism, the Lomo Panoramic spins through 360° to produce strange and wonderful long photos on 35mm film – eight on a 36-exposure roll – all with that rather vivid, grungy quality.

Beware, though, you will need to make friends with your processing lab – most likely a serious professional one – to get these printed correctly.

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