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Fuji Finepix HS10

The most fabulous camera you’ve never heard of

Fuji Finepix HS10

January 12 2011
Jonathan Margolis

This camera from unfashionable FujiFilm came out the best part of a year ago and made no impact at all on me – or anybody else. So little interest did it arouse that it’s currently being discounted to £245, the price of a really decent dinner for two in a lot of places.

Why, then, am I featuring it when I missed it at launch and it’s so cheap that it must surely be a total turkey? The answer is because I can’t, in all conscience, not tell you about it: the FinePix HS10 is an anomaly – a freak – the likes of which I’ve simply never come across. It is at least £1,000-worth of camera. Maybe even more. It just does everything – including things that no other camera I know can – and does it all really well.

I could write this entire page about the HS10’s mind-boggling features. Among them: a Fujinon 30x optical – not digital – zoom lens, with the equivalent range of a 24mm ultra-wide angle to a 720mm telephoto on a 35mm camera, plus super macro down to 1cm; 10 frames-per-second continuous shooting; full HD (1080p) video with stereo sound and an option for 1,000fps slow motion; and more and more.

A really, really odd one this. Buy it before it disappears from sale altogether.

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