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3M MPro 120 Pocket Projector

It’s the best of the new breed of picos.

3M MPro 120 Pocket Projector

Image: Hugh Threlfall

December 23 2009
Jonathan Margolis

Since I introduced them last year as that rare thing, a whole new gadget genre, pico (ie pocket-sized) projectors are steadily becoming the big new thing to carry on business trips or just keep at work for impromptu presentations. Pico projector technology has also infiltrated mainstream gadgetry – hence the Nikon CoolPix SP1000PJ with its so-far unique built-in projector, which I featured on Technopolis TV in October.

The Nikon apart, the quality of the pico projectors I’ve seen thus far has not been great. But this new one from 3M is a splendid bit of work, quite beautifully made (the excellent little stand is purchased separately). The MPro 120 Pocket Projector is, so far as I can tell, the best of breed currently. It projects images from 8in to 50in onto any flat surface – and keeps shining its seriously bright light for up to four hours on a charge.

It can project images and videos from a variety of sources – laptops, cameras, phones and iPods, and there’s always the fun at night on a trip of projecting films onto the ceiling or wall of your hotel room.

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