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GoPro Helmet Hero Wide

The perfect gift for anyone who fancies himself as an action hero

GoPro Helmet Hero Wide

November 20 2009
Jonathan Margolis

Because of the Olympian degree of narcissism involved, I can’t quite “groove” to devices designed to capture my own sporting magnificence. However, this GoPro Helmet Hero Wide wearable video camera is the best of its kind I’ve seen, and a perfect Christmas present for anyone who fancies himself (or you suspect fancies himself) as an action hero by way of bike, skateboard, snowboard, kayak or racing car.

The helmet incorporates a 5 Megapixel video camera with an extra-wide-angle (170°) lens. I’ve already had two great adventures with it: opening the package, which is practically impossible, and once I finally overcame that hurdle, setting it on my head, which proved remarkably complex. It’s very nicely made, however – the 30m-depth waterproof housing is really precision crafted.

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