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Cambridge Audio iD00 iPod/iPad dock

It pulls high-quality sound from your iPad

Cambridge Audio iD00 iPod/iPad dock

Image: Hugh Threlfall

February 24 2012
Jonathan Margolis

I went to see some stonkingly good loudspeakers the other day, on which more at a later date. The company had asked me to bring some CDs as a reference point. Halfway there, I realised I’d forgotten them, but wasn’t concerned as I had my iPad with me. We played a few of the speaker company’s CDs via an amazing Norwegian CD deck and amps, which sounded sublime, and then I plugged in my iPad. Oops. I don’t have a great set of ears but, even though music from the iPad is really good on decent headphones, when amplified through £40,000 worth of kit it sounded horrible.

The thing is, if I’d used this ruggedly utilitarian but seriously audiophile Cambridge Audio dock, I wouldn’t have embarrassed myself. There’s a lot to the iD100 but the bottom line is that it will squeeze the last gram of quality from your iDevice. You may need to use it in combo with Cambridge’s £200 DacMagic digital-to-analogue converter. Discuss with one of those nice people in Richer Sounds; they know their stuff.