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Orbitsound T12

This simple device has the power to transform TV audio

Orbitsound T12

Image: Hugh Threlfall

February 12 2012
Jonathan Margolis

I tend to associate Devon more with cream teas than technology, but Torquay’s leading (if perhaps only) audio innovator, Orbitsound, maker of the commendable little T3 portable speaker I featured here in 2010, now has this excellent and simple TV sound bar, the T12, which doubles, should you need it, as a fine iPod/Phone dock and amp.

The thing with TV is that the beautifully slim sets de nos jours sound terrible. There’s just no physical way for them – not that I’ve come across, anyway – to have anything other than dud audio. OK, there are approximately a zillion solutions to this, from surround-sound add-ons with wires trailing to full-on home cinema. The problem with these is that few of us can be bothered with all that. What we (or, at least, I) want is a simple plug-and-play way to get decent sound out of a TV.

The Orbitsound T12 provides more than just decent sound: it’s really good. There’s a lot of great British science and engineering in there to bring from the one box a spookily spatial sound, with plenty of bass welly from the hefty subwoofer, which is included in the package and can be hidden discreetly.