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Tivoli PAL+

Tivoli’s new DAB radio is a miracle worker

Tivoli PAL+

Image: Hugh Threlfall

January 11 2012
Jonathan Margolis

My location in remote equatorial west London has caused many a technology-testing problem – we have no mobile-phone reception, no DAB radio coverage and only a glimmer of terrestrial TV signal. So when Tom DeVesto, founder of Tivoli Audio in Boston and originator of the rebirth of “table radios”, lent me an advance model of the Tivoli PAL+ to try at home, I had to confess it would be about as useful as a coal scuttle. “Just try it,” said Tom. “You may be surprised.”

It felt like going through the motions when I turned it on at home. Oh, me of little faith. It worked perfectly – and without even extending the aerial – getting full-blooded BBC Radios 1 to 5 where no other DAB set I’ve tried can. Maybe the DAB coverage improved while I wasn’t listening? But I’ve since spoken to others with a dodgy signal who’ve had the same experience. This miracle-worker is a stylish, updated version of the popular Tivoli PAL, launched in 2002. It has many new features and works on all known DAB systems, so is truly portable. Nice+.

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