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Blue Microphone Snowflake

It’s a nice piece of equipment – once you’ve managed to get it out of the box

Blue Microphone Snowflake

November 15 2011
Jonathan Margolis

Technology manufacturers are getting very interested, I gather, in what’s called OOBE – Out Of Box Experience. It’s that thing Apple in particular does, and Samsung and even Dell aren’t bad at on occasion, where opening the box of a new purchase becomes a moment of such pride that the sadder among us will sometimes be found fondling the discarded box months later, when the gadget itself is battle-hardened and shabby.

Well, the OOBE with this latest from Blue Microphone, whose high-quality USB computer microphones I’ve featured before, is beyond terrible. I really did almost give up trying to prise the Snowflake from its ridiculously protective packaging. About minus seven out of 10 for whoever thought that was a good idea.

The Snowflake itself is rather nice, and excellent for boosting the quality of podcasts and VOIP conference calls, and for better accuracy using voice-recognition software or even for laying down the vocals for your latest GarageBand creation while you’re in office or hotel room. It plays nicely with Macs and PCs without the need for special drivers or software.