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Loewe Individual 3-D televisions

A TV that delivers considerable style, as well as substance

Loewe Individual 3-D televisions

Image: Hugh Threlfall

October 20 2011
Jonathan Margolis

I’m often asked which is the best television to buy if you want something that looks as good off as it does on – to me, the most important thing in a TV for those of us who aren’t glued to the thing all day but don’t want to go for the oh-what-an-intellectual-I-am look of a 20-year-old nine-inch portable stuck inconspicuously, yet somehow conspicuously, in the corner. So this year’s prize for the most interior-friendly TV for those of us who have aesthetic sensibilities but also don’t mind admitting we have a Come Dine With Me habit goes to the BMW of televisions, Germany’s Loewe.

There are so many gleaming, impeccably minimalist combinations of slim and gorgeous Loewe TVs and Loewe accessories, from soundbars to sleek electrostatic speakers to multiroom systems to matching Hülsta furniture, that it’s quite a job to choose. This is a brand you can micro-manage for interior perfection by fitting with customised colour strips. So to select a Loewe setup, you need to spend a long sojourn at your Loewe dealer. For the substantial money you’ll spend, you’ll get customer service to match.

Loewe pictures and functionality are pretty irreproachable, and the company has just started making 3-D TVs. My preferred combo? I would go for the Individual Compose 55 3D with the Individual Sound Projector SL as in the photo here.

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