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H20 shower-powered radio

It works – but is it anything more than an eco-gimmick?

H20 shower-powered radio

September 19 2011
Jonathan Margolis

It isn’t hard to understand the appeal of the wind-up radio, as popularised by Trevor Baylis in the 1990s, nor why people like (the few) radios that work in the shower. But the point of this invention, from the team that bought up Baylis’s company, eludes me. It’s a shower radio powered, thanks to a mini turbine, by the water flow in the pipe leading to the showerhead. It works OK, and saves the occasional battery, but it seems a faff for tiny ecological advantage, and could make you stay (grooving to fashionable tunes, of course) in the shower longer, wasting water. But it stakes your claim as an eco warrior. A bit.

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