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Genevasound Model M sound system

Don’t be put off by its fabulous looks – it sounds terrific, too

Genevasound Model M sound system

Image: Hugh Threlfall

September 18 2011
Jonathan Margolis

One-box sound systems by Swiss manufacturer Geneva are about as fashiony-looking as they get, which explains why they tend to receive a mixed reaction from serious hi-fi wonks. They look fantastic, and this offends some of the more sombre audiophiles. This latest Geneva, the gorgeous new Model M, has attracted a little of the accustomed spite, but also beaten off all its rivals in an extensive test by What Hi-Fi? magazine.

The Geneva Model M comes in a piano-lacquered wood finish in three colours, and has no CD drive, so it receives all its music either by plugging in an iPod or wireless delivery. The sound quality seems to be down to four individually powered drivers, each housed in a dedicated chamber. This makes for a big but fine and detailed sound. As with the previous Geneva I featured here last year, it’s unusually easy and satisfying to use. It doesn’t do DAB, but I doubt many buyers will use it much as a radio. It does have good FM, though. It’s very, very nice and über-stylish.

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