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Denon stereo

It’s a music system that rocks – in a gentle sort of way

Denon stereo

Image: Hugh Threlfall

September 07 2011
Jonathan Margolis

I’d hate to have an office without the potential for putting on some music. Oddly enough, I don’t use my on-desk music setup a lot. But if I had space in my home office to distance the music from my desk, I would go for a discreet, shelf-friendly system like this one from Denon. Since Denon moved its UK operation to Belfast, it’s given a lot of its products Gaelic names, hence the name Ceol, meaning “music”.

The Ceol sounds very sweet indeed (although the speakers aren’t great with bass) and is finished in glossy white, which looks brilliant, even if a touch test is slightly disappointing. It has simple controls and does everything you could ask of it, from playing CDs to acting as an iPod dock to streaming music.

Its main USP is that, for an extra £39, you can install Apple’s AirPlay system to stream directly from your iTunes library on various Apple devices. I have to say I struggle to understand or use AirPlay (not Denon’s fault). I said “yes” a lot when I called the helpline, but ended up none the wiser. However, Ceol rocks, in a gentle sort of way, AirPlay or no.

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