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Etón Soulra XL

For instant music, just point it at the sun, and play

Etón Soulra XL

Image: Hugh Threlfall

August 31 2011
Jonathan Margolis

Within the next couple of years, we will (it is reported) be hit by the biggest solar flare since 1859. And because such a blast of charged solar particles could leave whole countries without power for weeks, the UK is considering getting its retaliation in first and turning off its National Grid for a few days, so it can’t be damaged by onrushing bits of sun.

With computers – indeed, the whole internet – out of action and the power off, matters could be a bit awkward for life, transport, communications and the economy. We may even have to make our own entertainment for a while. Which is where this handsome iPod amplifier, the latest solar-powered entertainment centre from Etón, could come into its own. Even if the sun is misbehaving, it should keep going, thanks to its enormous fold-out solar panel (it can recharge an iPod in five hours). The Soulra XL both sounds and looks impressive. Sadly, you won’t be able to hear official announcements, though, as, oddly, it doesn’t have a radio. So maybe invest in one of Etón’s fine solar radios, too.

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