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One for All aerial

A new, improved version of a handy TV signal booster

One for All aerial

July 21 2011
Jonathan Margolis

Here’s yet another mildly vacation-themed gadget for this August. If you are summering anywhere isolated, your TV and DAB radio signal is likely to be as poor as your phone reception. This is the latest amplified indoor antenna from Dutch manufacturer One For All, and it’s even more effective than its earlier model, which I looked at last year.

Anyway, there are other significant improvements, too. The One For All SV9380 had a slightly awkward vertical-only design, whereas the new one can be placed anywhere, and additionally has 360-degree reception angle without loss in performance. You can also adjust its sensitivity because there’s no advantage in flooding your TV with too much signal. And there’s some complex filtering inside to ensure that you don’t amplify mobile phones, Wi-Fi, minicab radio and other non-TV sources along with the TV signal.

The SV9390 has a range of up to 18 miles from your nearest TV transmitter. It’s best to go to the One For All website to check your location before ordering one.

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