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Speedo Aquabeat

A must-have for underwater music enthusiasts

Speedo Aquabeat

Image: Hugh Threlfall

May 21 2011
Jonathan Margolis

Remember when you were at school, and there’d be a joke you always laughed at but never quite knew what it was about? It’s like that today with me and Speedos. I’m dimly aware that these are snugly fitting swimming trunks that raise guffaws. When we went on holiday to Romania a few years ago (don’t ask), everyone said, “Wow, you’d better get some Speedos for the pool.” “Ha, ha,” I would say, although I still don’t know why they are so funny. So when I found this Speedo waterproof MP3 player, naturally, I went, “Ha, ha, that’s so funny.”

The Speedo Aquabeat is really good, though, and if, for whatever reason, the logo embarrasses you, it’s discreet. It only has 1Gb of memory, enough for 500 tracks, but that’s enough to swim the Channel without repeating a song – though, if you are really thinking of swimming to France, you’ll have to do it sans Aquabeat, as it’s not recommended for use in salt water. You can, however, listen to music underwater, down to three metres, as well as in the bath, Jacuzzi or steam room – Aquabeat is OK to 60°C.

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