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Parrot DIA

It’s possibly the most beautiful digital photoframe, ever

Parrot DIA

Image: Hugh Threlfall

May 01 2011
Jonathan Margolis

This is one of the Frencher items I’ve had sent to Technopolis Towers. It may seem too bland to consider, but if you strip away the garniture of complication that wacky Paris brand Parrot has served it with, you’re left with the most beautiful digital photoframe. Possibly ever.

From the blurb, the Parrot DIA sounds about a thousand million trillion times too complicated. It witters on about how you can connect the DIA by Wi-Fi, give it its own e-mail address and send it stuff… none of which grown-ups would ever consider wasting their time on.

You can cut through all this geeky nonsense, however, by slotting an SD card in and… wow. Your photos seem to float strangely and appealingly on a thin sheet of material, with a lightbox-style white panel a few centimetres behind it. The photos then appear in a slideshow and you have yourself a customised work of art.

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