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Vita Audio R2i

To borrow a current industry buzz phrase, we are talking “serious small audio” here

Vita Audio R2i

Image: Hugh Threlfall

October 31 2009
Jonathan Margolis

I looked last year at the Vita Audio R4, an impressive table radio/CD-playing stereo/iPod dock produced by a young British company and aimed at crashing the market created by the wonderful US brand Tivoli. This Vita Audio R2i is a smaller new version, without the CD player; but, be honest, do you really feed CDs into music systems very much any more?

The R2i succeeds in being every bit as delightful as the R4. We really are talking, to borrow a current industry buzz phrase of sorts, “serious small audio” with these nice but niche British boxes. They come in three remarkably high-quality finishes and are reasonably priced enough to put in a bedroom and, perhaps, not even use that much. Indeed, the newly revamped Savoy Hotel will have an R2i in each of its 268 rooms and suites when it reopens next year – and if you can think of a better way of promoting a product and making you, the private buyer, feel that you’ve made a good choice, I’d like to know it.

Savoy guests (and you too) will get DAB and FM radio, a couple of line inputs and a universal iPod dock. The R2i packs a 20-watt amplifier, ample to fill even a suite with rich sound, clear and full of bass.

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