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Klipsch Image One on-ear headphones with mic

High-quality headphones from a hi-fi brand with a very wacky history

Klipsch Image One on-ear headphones with mic

Image: Hugh Threlfall.

March 31 2011
Jonathan Margolis

Somehow I’ve made it through 26 years of writing about techie stuff without encountering the Klipsch brand. Well, I encountered it, but ignored it as some gimmicky newcomer with a daft name.

Wrong. Klipsch is a 65-year-old respected loudspeaker company out of Hope, Arkansas. Its history is entertaining, too. No space here, but do read up on the eccentric – OK, mad as cheese – audio genius Paul W Klipsch.

Mr K’s legacy lives on after his death, aged 98, in 2002, as the company was bought by another audiophile, Fred S Klipsch of Indianapolis, who had never met Paul W until late in the latter’s life and turned out to be not very closely related, which is saying something for two hi-fi nuts called Klipsch.

Anyway this, the Image One, is the first Klipsch product I’ve played with, and I like it a lot. It’s an over-ear headphone with iPhone/Pod controls, which isn’t all that common in over-ear types. Although the Image One has no noise-cancelling technology, it’s almost as noise-isolating as the ubiquitous Bose and Bowers & Wilkins near-equivalents. Lovely quality, fine sound, a good overall feel. I like Klipsch. Always did.

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