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Dr Dre Beats Pro Studio

Headphones that deliver a great deal of bass for your buck

Dr Dre Beats Pro Studio

Image: Hugh Threlfall

March 24 2011
Jonathan Margolis

The only thing I know about rap music is that there’s a missing “c” at the beginning of the name. There also seems to be something missing from the professional name of one of its leading proponents, Dr Dre.

It reminds me of the East German TV star Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler, known in the GDR as “Herr Schni” because his evening show critiquing Western bourgeois culture was so boring that everyone turned the TV off before the announcer had spoken his name.

These are one of a new Dr Dre range of headphones designed for thumpy, bass-y music and made by fashionable US audio outfit Monster.

The Dr Dre Beats Pro Studio phones are a bit plasticky, especially for the fancy price, and the first set I tried semi-fell apart. So what with the name and the über-fashionable look, I wasn’t overly well disposed towards them. But I have to admit, once I got them fired up, the sound was very impressive indeed – almost implausibly deep and rich. I wouldn’t wear them if I were under 30 unless you want to look a bit mutton-dressed-as-lamb, but a fine product for one based on a gimmicky premise.