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Atomic Floyd MiniDarts + Mic

High-quality earphones from an extremely cool British company

Atomic Floyd MiniDarts + Mic

March 03 2011
Jonathan Margolis

In consumer technology, style and substance are often not the best of bedfellows. In fact, they frequently get on rather badly. With headphones, I usually avoid ultra-cool or fashionable-looking stuff, because it’s most often targeted at younger consumers whose ears either aren’t very discriminating – or have already been blasted to kingdom come.

Atomic Floyd is an extremely cool British outfit, whose shiny, metallic earphones I’ve featured before. This new model of theirs, which includes a microphone for iPhone and BlackBerry use, looks amazing with really nice, wiry, tangle-resistant red cable and stylish buds that look as if they’ll fall out of your ears a bit too easily, but in fact stay put reasonably well (in my lugs at least). They also form a very good seal in the ear canal, which cuts out most extraneous racket.

The thing that struck me about the MiniDarts + Mic, however, is the audio quality, which is definitely a cut above, especially if it’s sharp, pacy, bassy music you listen to – which these are clearly designed for. These MiniDarts are classy, no doubt about it.