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Sony BDP-S570 3D Blu-ray player

A Blu-ray player that gives a truly outstanding 3-D performance

Sony BDP-S570 3D Blu-ray player

Image: Hugh Threlfall

February 06 2011
Jonathan Margolis

As I keep telling you, I can’t see in 3-D, so my opinions on any 3-D gadget – and no doubt there will be plenty of them this year – will inevitably lack a certain dimension. But I do know quite a few learned people who can do the 3-D thing (aka the “normal”). So, with the trickle of 3-D Blu-ray films in the shops just beginning to turn into a rivulet, I asked a variety of television trade journalists to opine on which was the best 3-D Blu-ray player to show off a TV as magnificent as the Samsung 9000. The answer was unanimous – this, the sleek, black Sony BDP-S570.

The BDP-S570 seems almost alarmingly cheap, but I suppose this sophisticated piece of tech is priced on the printer principle – cheap printer, scorchingly expensive ink – with Blu-ray discs the new ink.

So what does 3-D Blu-ray look like? My family, including a son who (a little paradoxically) is big in the 3-D world, say that although it can be headache-inducing, it’s fantastic and mind-blowing. Lucky old them.

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