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Bose IE2 headphones

These headphones will stay in place, even if you are a headbanger

Bose IE2 headphones

December 19 2010
Jonathan Margolis

I have been known to be sceptical – very sceptical – about Bose products, especially its hi-fi, but its headphones remain good to excellent across the range. These new in-ear phones bring something new to the party, especially if you’re a jogger, cycle to work or like to listen to music in the gym. They feature an innovation Bose calls “StayHear tips”, which is based around a piece of silicon that fits effortlessly into the outer part of your ear, and keeps the headphones solidly in place without burrowing deep into the ear canal. I’ve tried all manner of shimmying and shaking with these in place and they’ve remained absolutely stable.

Soundwise, I found them nice, if nothing terrific – just good, mid-price headphone audio. I heard an Austrian hi-fi guru once describe the Bose sound as “like goulash”, which might be overstating it a bit, but you won’t be blown away – although if you were, of course, the StayHear tips would ensure your headphones didn’t fall out in the process.

I tried the IE2 model, but there’s also an MIE2, which has controls on the lead for most phones including BlackBerry, and an MIE2i, specifically for the iPhone.

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