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Orbitsound T3 portable speaker

A friendly little companion to keep one amused in strange hotel rooms

Orbitsound T3 portable speaker

December 15 2010
Jonathan Margolis

Here’s a simple and inexpensive British product that I’ve rather fallen for as my new business-travel companion. It’s the lightest and most compact way I’ve yet come across to play music out loud from your phone, iPad or laptop in a hotel room.

The Orbitsound T3 is a nicely finished, smooth little box of tricks measuring 102mm x 60mm x 19mm and weighing 115g. Charged for a couple of hours from a USB port, it will work for 10 hours.

Connect the T3 to your phone or whatever by a basic 3.5mm jackplug lead and it will transform the scratchy sound (or non-existent sound, in the case of an MP3 player) into perfectly decent desktop audio. There’s a slider switch on the side of the device marked “airSOUND”, which, as you move it, seems to widen the output from mono to a sort-of stereo effect, and quite convincing it is too.

The T3 is easily sufficient to keep you entertained at a strange desk for a few hours – I know, because I’ve done just that and thoroughly enjoyed its company. Orbitsound has some other interesting, bigger audio products on its site, which may be well worth a look.

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