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iPod Nano

Apple has excelled itself with its beautiful new iPod Nano

iPod Nano

November 15 2010
Jonathan Margolis

Every few months, Apple “refreshes” its product range, and for the most part we sort of gasp a bit, but like the teacher of a class with a cosmically gifted child in it, we’ve become inured to its excellence.

Once in a while, however, the gifted one excels itself, and so it is with this, the sixth generation, I make it, of iPod Nano. The new Apple baby is so cool and so beautiful, with its cutesy square screen, that it makes me a bit emotional. And as an example of business confidence, it also makes me laugh. Who but Apple could remove one of the previous Nano features – the video camera – and still make us cheer like loonies?

In its album-cover mode, which gives you tiny, what-look-like CD covers to flick through, the Nano 6G is appealing enough to make you want to eat it. Flick the new Nano into clock mode, however, and suddenly you’re looking at a really nice watch, with proper hands. The world’s proliferating iPod-case makers are already rushing out clever wristbands to turn the Nano effectively into a watch – a particularly nice one is called Linq, made by Incipio (£18.95, from

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