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Cambridge Audio Minx mini speaker system

Speakers that give a well-known brand a sound thrashing

Cambridge Audio Minx mini speaker system

November 18 2010
Jonathan Margolis

Back in 1989, Bose amazed the world with its Acoustimass speakers – tiny, bookshelf-friendly cubes that made a remarkably hi-fi-like sound out of proportion to their size – thanks to a large subwoofer box that could be hidden away behind a sofa.

Funny company, Bose. Some of its stuff is awful, some between OK and superb. But one of its characteristics is that it keeps models going for decades. The current Acoustimass 3 is remarkably similar to the original.

Well, Bose is about to get a sound thrashing from the British boys at Cambridge Audio, whose brand-new Minx is even smaller than Acoustimass – especially the subwoofer – and simply better. Much, much better. I’ve listened to the two side by side, and the Bose by comparison sounds notably clumsy and muffled.

This will not surprise hi-fi buffs, who aren’t keen on many Bose products, but might shock the public, who, subjected to years of Bose’s advertising, have been bludgeoned into believing it’s the top dog in audio. Go and listen to the Minx and hear for yourself.