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Aliph Jawbone Prime

Now Bluetooth headsets are a little bit less depressing

Aliph Jawbone Prime

October 05 2009
Jonathan Margolis

Bluetooth earpieces, as we know, are sadly tarnished with being the lowest-status gadget in the universe – even beneath those incredibly thick briefcases touted by downtrodden salesmen at the work donkey end of the market.

Californian manufacturer Aliph, as previously featured here in lights, has done all within its considerable power to make Bluetooth headsets a mite less depressing and, actually, rather sexy. Its newest, the Jawbone Prime, doesn’t only look superb, it’s also the best Bluetooth that’s come to market.

Aliph’s NoiseAssassin software has been improved still further and the device’s wind suppression is also remarkable now – and it was pretty good before. Even from a windy spot, you will still be audible to others, albeit sounding a bit compressed and like you’re phoning from the International Space Station. Recommended – if you must.

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