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One For All Smart Control

Good news for control freaks

One For All Smart Control

September 27 2010
Jonathan Margolis

I occasionally have a problem with a new piece of technology that enters Technopolis Towers because it’s not, as the ad used to say about some beer or other, “reassuringly expensive”. This magazine is called How To Spend It, not How To Throw It Up In The Air While Singing La La La, but when this, the One For All Smart Control universal remote, arrived the other day, I couldn’t take it seriously because it costs a piffling £30 – from Argos.

So to be honest, I shelved it. Bad move. It may have humble origins, but the Smart Control is absurdly good – not just absurdly good for the price, just absurdly good. It is so easy to program that our cat could do it. It will control absolutely everything you can chuck at it (as opposed to chuck it at, which is, sadly, often the fate of more complicated universal remotes).

The Smart Control is pre-programmed for almost every brand of every electronic device there is – and in the case of missing brands, it can still work if you have the supplied remote for the device in question. I just can’t fault it. I wish I could, but I can’t. So off to Argos you go – or to its website, if that’s just a recommendation too far.