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Eclipse TD508 UD

A desktop hi-fi system that sounds as good as it looks

Eclipse TD508 UD

Image: Hugh Threlfall

September 13 2010
Jonathan Margolis

This amazing desktop amplifier-and-speaker ensemble is the latest iteration of a longstanding design classic from the quietly excellent Fujitsu-Ten team. It’s great for an office because not only does it flood the place with the sweetest sound – as well as the loudest – it’s designed to be listened to close up, which few systems are.

The Eclipse “Volcano and Eggs” system (the Volcano bit contains a serious hi-fi amplifier) looks as impressive switched off as it sounds switched on. How is it different from earlier Eclipse models? I’d have to say it has a better bass at low volume – good for desktop use.

The Eclipse is about solidity. The individual elements feel dense and utterly free of air. And dense in sound equipment means precise, unwavering audible loveliness. First-class gadgetry...

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