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Sennheiser PX210 Bluetooth headphones

They have a good range and excellent staying power

Sennheiser PX210 Bluetooth headphones

August 01 2010
Jonathan Margolis

I have to confess that I wobble this way and that with Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth always seems a capricious and tricky technology, equalled so far as I can hear by other, simpler wireless systems. This new Sennheiser, the collapsible PX210, however, is swiftly becoming acknowledged as the best Bluetooth headphone on the market. It works fine with iPods, iPads and iPhones, which isn’t always the case, and has a great distance-from-source range – well over 15m in my house. It also works for around 12 hours on a charge, which ain’t bad.

My only gripe is that the PX210s have a flashing blue light on them, which I don’t seem to be able to turn off. If you are walking along the street using them, this makes you look like a landing aircraft.