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One For All SV9380 indoor aerial

In the iffy world of indoor aerials, this one is the real thing

One For All SV9380 indoor aerial

May 13 2010
Jonathan Margolis

If you’re travelling anywhere away from a decent TV signal during next month’s World Cup, this powered indoor TV antenna might be just what you need for a clear view of England’s path to ignominy.

Aerials are a baffling area, even for the technically literate, and one in which all kinds of fraud persist. My old dad, an aerial expert, fought a losing battle against the exaggerated claims of all sorts of so-called miracle antennae. He ran a test for Which? magazine that dismissed all indoor models as useless.

However, he might have semi-approved of this model, from a respectable Dutch manufacturer. The One For All Full HD indoor aerial plugs into the mains to power an internal signal amplifier. You need to position the device carefully to get a good signal in an iffy area, but it definitely works.

The “Full HD” in the name is a bit of marketing, though. If you happen to be in range of a Freeview HD signal, it will pick it up, but just think of it as a best-of-breed indoor aerial for whatever’s in the airwaves and it may bring much joy.