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Philips CushionSpeaker

Laptop-in-bed is now an even more appealing proposition

Philips CushionSpeaker

May 20 2010
Jonathan Margolis

A reliable sign of non-eccentricity is when a person proclaims himself “mad”. The evidence being a gaily coloured umbrella or, worse, a bow tie. In a company, this is displayed most vividly in the either solidly boring or slightly loopy, dear old Philips.

And from the slightly loopy range comes the Philips cushion speaker. The idea is good: there’s nothing much more delightful than lying in bed with a loved one and watching a DVD or BBC iPlayer on a laptop. The difficulty is that the sound from most laptops is tinny. Enter the Philips audible cushion, a cakey slab with a squidgy underneath that the laptop sits on and, by way of a retractable USB lead, amplifies your computer’s sound.

It works well, though the squidgy bit isn’t quite squidgy enough. It’s almost a case of insufficient loopyness…

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