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TDK WR700 cordless headphones

Impressive headphones from a venerable audio brand

TDK WR700 cordless headphones

May 05 2010
Jonathan Margolis

If you like to listen to music while you work, headphones are usually a must, either to shield you from the noisy outside world, or the quiet outside world from you. But being wired into your computer or iPod isn’t always pleasant.

Wireless headphones aren’t always a great success, however. Bluetooth can be a finicky technology, which I’m never wholly comfortable with – audio geeks often say it’s not ideal for good-quality sound transmission.

These new wireless headphones are a minor revelation in that their radio system is different from Bluetooth, and they seem to me to be less troublesome and better sounding. They also look and feel rather good. They have a 10m range, which is more than enough for walking around the office. And the batteries give 30 to 40 hours’ use.

Gadgeteers of a certain age will recognise the brand, TDK, as an odd one, more normally associated with blank cassette tapes in the 1980s. Good tapes they were, too. And these are nice headphones that you’ll like.

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