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Pioneer XW-NAS5 digital speaker system for iPod

It’s a natural for the kitchen

Pioneer XW-NAS5 digital speaker system for iPod

Image: Hugh Threlfall

April 18 2010
Jonathan Margolis

I don’t give a lot of shelf space here these days to iPod speaker docks, but this one, from the ever-reliable Pioneer, is worthy of note. It doesn’t just look and feel superb – solid, curvy, sensuous and glossy – but it sounds really impressive for the kind of household audio appliance that is a natural, I immediately thought, for a kitchen.

The bass comes courtesy of a 10cm 30-watt down-firing subwoofer, but the highs, via the machine’s 15-watt speakers, are also clear and precise. And the dock bit on the XW-NAS5 folds away neatly when you’re using the Pioneer in its radio mode – or, indeed, feeding it music via Bluetooth from your laptop or phone, using the optional Bluetooth adapter.

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