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Scandyna Megapod speakers

These speakers will be a star turn in any interior

Scandyna Megapod speakers

Image: Hugh Threlfall

April 12 2010
Jonathan Margolis

From the pastries upwards, it’s hard to think of anything Danish that isn’t wholly admirable and covetable. I’m doing a quick mental audit here of everything else Danish I know: Bang & Olufsen (of course), Lyngdorf, Arne Jacobsen, er, Lurpak, Lego, the Tivoli Gardens, Peter Høeg... even Peter Schmeichel wasn’t bad. Indeed, Denmark is one of the few countries of origin that’s also a robust brand statement.

So when I came across these magnificent, curvy new speakers, the Megapods, I was quite surprised that I’d never heard of the manufacturer, Scandyna. Then I discovered that Scandyna’s best-known product is iconic, no less: Scandyna Minipods are so famous they’ve been in commercials for Stella Artois, were on the set of The Big Breakfast and even on Friends.

The Minipods (still available in updated form at £649 a pair) have been joined over the years by a whole family of other Scandynas, all curvy and beautiful, all with a fine audio reputation, too. There’s a £299 Cinepod for home cinemas, a £150 Micropod SE for bookshelves, and a £289 Micropod SE Active with a built-in amp for desktop computer audio, among others.

This, the new top-of-range Megapod, is really something and, with a big range of high-gloss colours available, will be the star turn in any interior, without being overwhelmingly massive. The Megapods are just 84cm tall – not too mega, then – 34.8cm wide and 53.5cm deep.

Now if you are into Scandyna, and already have Minipods, don’t feel left out, because you can convert Minipods to Megapods by bolting on the big bass subwoofer bit you see at the bottom. A converter set, the Megapod Kit, costs £925 a pair, including that snazzy mounting arm.

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