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Philips Ambilight 9704

It’s a silly gimmick, or a genuine step forward in TV viewing, depending on your point of view

Philips Ambilight 9704

February 17 2010
Jonathan Margolis

It would be easy to dismiss with a chuckle this new Philips TV with Ambilight, the Dutch manufacturer’s eccentric system for projecting a coloured smudge behind a TV set that extends beyond the picture to light up the wall behind. But Philips is passionate about its baby and lent me the latest Ambilight set for a month’s considered trial.

The recently released 9704 range incorporates patent technologies with fancy names, especially the backlit LED screen (LED Pro System), which is bright and lovely and hosts 2,250 trillion colours. The verdict was… split. My wife and daughters said it was pretty, but distracting, and could I turn it off, please. My son, a film/TV professional and über-geek, pronounced it a silly marketing gimmick. I found it intriguing and immersive and feel that it adds something positive to viewing.

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