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The light show that could send insomniacs to sleep


February 14 2010
Jonathan Margolis

It’s probably a bit mean to disparage this new all-British invention, but a small, unpleasant part of me giggles a bit at the concept. The idea came from a design student who was suffering insomnia. She thought that if you could mimic the action of reading without an actual book, it could help you get to sleep.

So the LightSleeper sits on your bedside table and projects a white blob onto the ceiling, which moves around in a gentle, circular motion. Following this with your eyes supposedly encourages the mind to relax into sleep. The problem for me is that the blob is exactly like a full Moon, so I’m torn between wanting to doze off and to howl at it.

The only insomniac I’ve found to try it said it was “quite helpful” – but didn’t use it again. But it’s probably worth a spin if the stress of it all is keeping you awake.

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