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Marquis names in contemporary art gather in cyberspace

An online publisher-purveyor of original works by leading lights

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Marquis names in contemporary art gather in cyberspace

Image: Terry Frost

February 01 2012
Charlotte Abrahams

James Booth-Clibborn launched his gem of an e-gallery, Manifold Editions, last summer in response to repeated demands from friends and colleagues for an easy, accessible route to buying limited-edition works by well-known artists in one place. These friends and colleagues – not to mention countless other gallery-shy art lovers around the world – must be delighted, because does everything they wished for.

Firstly, it works with some of the contemporary art world’s biggest names, from Jake and Dinos Chapman to Sam Taylor-Wood via Terry Frost – whose fabulously vibrant Orchard Tambourine series of woodcuts set my pulse racing (first picture, B23, £1,200) – and Anish Kapoor (third picture, 12 Etchings, No 9, £4,200). These collaborations produce high-quality, limited-edition colour etchings, each of which is signed and numbered by the artist.

Secondly, it makes purchasing these works a simple matter of scrolling and clicking. Customers can browse by artist, title, price (divided into four bands, from under £1,000 to £3,000 plus) or technique. The latter sounds daunting but, in fact, most of the terms – “Etching”, for example, where I came across Gillian Carnegie’s atmospheric Untitled (second picture, £1,080) – are reassuringly familiar, and there is a helpful glossary to explain those that are not.

Once you’ve performed your search, you simply scroll through the admirably clear thumbnails until you reach one you love (in my case, Elizabeth Magill’s Venice – San Michele, fourth picture, £900), then click on “more details”, read the very informative blurb – and make your purchase.