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A wonderfully eclectic selection of bedtime music

In bed with Roland Mouret – or, rather, his favourite music

A wonderfully eclectic selection of bedtime music

October 30 2009
Lucia van der Post

If you have all your own favourite light music tucked up into your iPod, then you probably have no need of Mr and Mrs Smith’s latest soundtrack. But for those who, like me, can never keep up, Mr & Mrs Smith do that wonderful thing of sifting and editing and then putting the best of the best onto a soundtrack.

They’ve already sold out of numbers one and two of their four-volume tracks of great chill-out, romantic music, Something for the Weekend (numbers three and four are still available at £12.99 each), but they’ve recently launched the first of a new collection which is called In Bed With… Each of their favourite tastemakers (Roland Mouret, Tom Aikens, Natasha Law) has a picked a favourite piece of bedtime music and so for £15 you get 16 different pieces, ranging from the classic to the contemporary; a wonderfully eclectic selection.

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