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Now there’s an added incentive to visit this gallery

A special art-buying opportunity for How To Spend It readers

Now there’s an added incentive to visit this gallery

Image: © John Pasche, courtesy of Eyestorm

March 14 2011
Vicki Reeve

For anyone wanting to start or add to a collection of affordable, limited-edition contemporary art, Eyestorm has been the online “go to” since 1999. It has just launched a revamped, slicker website – with obligatory smartphone technology – that promises to be easier and more pleasurable to use and an altogether more stylish set-up. To celebrate, Eyestorm is offering How To Spend It readers a 15 per cent discount on all its works of art, not just prints – up till Monday March 21.

Featuring signed prints and original works from significant artists and up-and-comers, its portfolio ranges from pieces for as little as £50, and as much as £15,600 (NB: take care to factor in the VAT). A browse here is like visiting an open-all-hours gallery at which the focus is on the curator’s hand-picked works and artists – but without the tired feet and the jostling to get close to the star attractions.

As a Rolling Stones fan, my head’s been turned by John Pasche’s work. He’s the man behind the iconic mouth/tongue logo, which features in some of his tour posters from the 1970s. My favourite (pictured) is American Tour 1972 (Eyestorm’s version printed in 2009; £480, edition of 150), which shows a plane jetting off to the land of milk and honey, aka NYC radiating a halo of sunlight in the distance. But you might go for Rob Carter’s The Maldives photograph (2010; £4,800, edition of 12) – an intense hit of blue seascape that, taken using a revolving lens camera, really draws the viewer in. Or there’s Dan Baldwin’s beautifully unsettling hand-finished silkscreen print with gold leaf and collage, The Future Frontline Renegades of Dead London (2009; £3,300, edition of 15).

Usefully, Eyestorm offers a one-on-one consultancy; there’s also Eyestorm Trade, which deals offline with some of the really big names (Warhol, Hirst etc) and hence prices – which is great for those who are interested in investment art as well as those who want to find that perfect something for the walls of their home.

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