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A show of emotion

From Kapoor to Kusama: artists who stir the senses

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A show of emotion

February 10 2013
Charlotte Abrahams

As one of the world’s leading dealers in modern and contemporary art, Opera Gallery has played host to many must-see exhibitions. The latest to grace the walls of its London branch, however, is special even for this international art brand. Entitled Contemporary Emotion and running from Wednesday February 13 to Saturday March 9, it brings together some of the biggest names in modern art. Andy Warhol shares wall space with the likes of Fernando Botero, Keith Haring and Zeng Fanzhi, while Marc Quinn’s Endless Column, an hourglass reflection of Kate Moss in a yoga pose (second picture, £288,000), is just one of several extraordinary sculptures.

Thanks to careful curation by the gallery’s director, Jean-David Malat, this is an intriguing and powerful exhibition. Highlights include Kapoor’s discipline-blurring stainless steel and gold wall piece Untitled, 2011 (third picture, £1,200,000), Andy Warhol’s burnished red and yellow Police Car (fourth picture, £140,000) and Yayoi Kusama’s fluro writhing sperm Flames (first picture, £86,000).

The works are socially, politically and culturally engaging and, as befits the exhibition’s title, all have been well chosen for their intense emotional impact.