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Tracking down Sofia Coppola’s composer of choice

His music is simple, honest, and incredibly moving

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Tracking down Sofia Coppola’s composer of choice

January 22 2010
Damian Foxe

There is something all-consuming about working in fashion. It occurred to me the other day that I had painted my entire house the same colour as my favourite Rick Owens top. It looks like the underside of a mushroom, it’s by Farrow & Ball and it’s called Mouse’s Back.

Even my taste in music is informed by my obsession with clothing. I was watching Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette for the fifth time recently, just so that I could ogle the amazing costumes one more time, and I realised that my favourite CD was chosen as a result of the soundtrack.

It’s a collection of work by a composer and piano player called Dustin O’Halloran whom Coppola commissioned to write several pieces for the film. His music is simple, honest, melancholic, incredibly moving and exactly the kind of thing to play at a dinner where you are trying to seduce someone with your exceptional taste.

It took me months to track it down, all of the large music stores in London having completely sold out. So I looked on his website. As a luddite, it’s still the last place that occurs to me. And of course there it was. It’s called Piano Solos Vol 1 (I’ve also bought Vol 2) and it’ll be the best £12 you spend this January.

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